The issue of only the wife should do house chores might be strange to do, Richard Mofe says as he campaigns for Gender Equality

TV star Richard Mofe Damijo has made it clear that house chores is not only meant for the women but for me as well as he shares a photo of himself doing a house chore to campaign for Gender Equality

Richard Mofe says his mum taught him to do all house chores since he was the only child that’s why the idea of the wife doing all the work at home seems rather strange to him as it’s not to most men.

“Being an only child,I was raised by my mom to do all chores,so the issue of only the wife (woman) should cook,clean,wash might be alien to but I know it is not to most men”he says

He futher said he’s reminding other men that Gender Equality should not just end at the workplace but be brought home as well

“today I join my voice to the #Hefor she campaign and remind our men that #GenderEquality is not just in the workplace but at home”

“we can find a good balance between office work and house chores, especially during this lockdown”

Richard Mofe also challenged other TV personalities such as AY, Alibaba,Banky W, and their likes to do same

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