Nigerians reacts to the crowd of sypmathizers spotted at the funeral of Abba Kyari

Nigerians react to the violation of social distancing rule as regards of the crowd found at the funeral of Nigerian Chief of staff , Abba Kyari

The ongoing Muslim burial of Abba Kyari has brought alot of speculations as to the numbers of sympathizers found during the funeral

Nigerians have reacted by tweeting their opinions concerning the violation of Social distancing rule by the government officials as more than 40 persons are seen gathered at the funeral of Abba Kyari

Twitter handler,Adonai Jacuzzi reacted by tweeting “if we do not use the same energy used on Funke Akindele to change it for the government as regards to this burial,then we owe her an apology. And that means Burna boy was we also owe him an apology.”

Another Nigerian,Nwakaego Boyo also reacted to the crowd by tweeting “Nigeria…not ready for this pandemic and it will hit us hard. We continue acting foolish and underestimate how bad this can be #social distancing .”

Another Twitter handler,Attahmah Ifeanyi also reacted to the large crowd that was spotted at the funeral by tweeting “I will never understand us. We lock down cities and preach social distancing but former Chief of staff,Abba Kyari is buried and top government officials gather in scores as Gudu with cameras for us to see? shouldn’t the times dictate a quiet affairs?”

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