Court reject R.Kelly’s temporary release request

Singer R.Kelly temporary released request over fear of covid19 was rejected by the federal judge on Tuesday

Robert Kelly popularly known as R.kelly is being jailed without bail in Chicago prison for series of charges including; for sexual trafficking,child abuse,child pornography, conspiracy to defraud the US government.

The US District Court Judge,Ann Donnelly rejected the request of R.kelly to be temporary released from jail over fear of the singer contracting the virus while in jail

“while am sympathetic to the defendant understandably anxiety about covid19,he has not established compelling reasons warranting his release,”she said.

In March 26,Us Attorney General William Barr issued a directive to reduce the numbers of inmates by transferring non- violent inmate to home confinement base on thorough case- by- case analysis.

The Federal prosecutor filled a motion to The Federal Judge Donnelly stating that she denies the request of R.Kelly with reasons. He added that if he’s is been released ,he will flee and not just that but also also threaten the intimate witnesses

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