Justice served:India carries out execution on four men who were convicted in 2012 for gang rape and murder of a 23 years old student

Four convicted rapist who raped and murdered a 23years old physiotherapy student in a was in New Delhi seven years ago has been hanged.

The four rapist; Pawan Gupta, 25,Akshay Thakur,31,Vinay Sharma,26 and Muskesh Kumar,31 were found guilty for rape and murder were executed in Delhi Tihar jail.

The victim Jyoti singh was allegedly raped by 6 men after been tricked to board their private bus on her way home after going to see a movie with a male companion.

The men locked the bus doors after Jyoti and her friend had entered the bus and drove off. Jyoti and her friend were physically assaulted and she was gang raped on the moving bus which they drove around the city untill their for some hours.

She and her companion were thrown out of the bus. She naked and was bleeding heavily as a result of the forceful penetration and attempt was made by this gang men to run them over with their ride.

According to the medical report,the young girl suffered serious injuries in her abdomen, genitals and intestines due to the assault

Jyoti injuries was so severe that she was flown out to a hospital in Singapore for specialist treatment.she died after thirty days as a result of the injuries she gathered

After the incident was reported to the authorities, the police used CCTV images to track Ram Singh who was the driver in the bus and within few days all six men were arrested from different states.

The fifth convict,Ram Singh committed suicide in Tihar jail in 2013 after their arrest,the sixth person was a Juvenile and was sent to a reform facility for a maximum three years after trial.

On September 2013, the court found these men guilty of rape, murder and unnatural offences and gave them the death penalty. This was upheld by Delhi’s high court in March 2014, since that time the case has dragged on frustrating the parents of the victim.

Jyoti’s mother Asha Devi reacted to the execution by dedicating the day of the execution to all the daughter’s of the country.

“Today we get justice,this day is dedicated to the daughters of this country.finally they have been hanged.it was a long struggle. I thank the judiciary and government

A large number of police men were sent to the control the the crowd that waited to celebrate the execution.

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