Uganda Man angrily burn down churches for preaching prosperity while he’s still in poverty

A 21 years old John Reagan Ngobi, alledgedly set three churches ablaze in Uganda because they prosperity they preached has not changed his poor status

.The suspect who is now under police custody says the reason for his anger is because he’s still in poverty despite the prosperity they preached in church.

According to report,the suspect says his state of poverty motivated him to purchase two litres of fuel and a paraffin which he made use in burning the church.

John Reagan took his anger on the following churches;Liberty Church of Christ International,pastored by BageyaVincent,St Noah Catholic church under the leadership of Rev.Father Mathias Mulumba and God’s Tour promising church Pastored by Odinga Kadika Nandere all in Kasokoso Kira municipality in Wakiso district, Uganda.

The suspect after commiting this act went to report himself at Kira division where three new knives were discovered from him which he said was for self defense Incase was caught while perpetrating his act,he would use it to defend himself.

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