The only character I will never play is if the character is a nudist – Shaffy Bello

Ex singer shaffy Bello on interview with PulseNigeria speaks on role she wouldn’t want to to play as an actor and why she ended her must career and focused on acting

Shaffy Bello reveals she will play any role except that of a nudist and wouldn’t do that because it goes against everything she believes in .

“the only character that I will never play is if the character is a nudist,if the character is a nudist,where you need me to be totally nude in front of the camera,No!

“It’s goes against everything thing I believe in even if it calls for that Character to be,I wouldn’t do that. Anything else, she’s covered up,she’s got to play it. I’m an actor and it doesn’t define who IAM as Shaffy Bello

“so once the camera is on and in action,I become someone else so long as that character has a name,I will play her” she said.

She also talked about her transition from a singer to actor and she when she returned from the States to Nigeria,she knew she no longer wanted doing commercial music

“when I came back to Nigeria,I knew that I didn’t want to do commercial music anymore. I knew that it wasn’t for me and I had been acting even in the States so coming here, the acting vauge was right there,it has beaten me in the States but when I tried it here,I knew it was for me,” she said.