Ifu Ennada celebrates Stessi Metalik as the woman behind her fame

Former BBNaija housemate, Ifu Ennada celebrate the person behind her came today,her long time friend Stessi Metalik.

The reality show housemate discloses that Stessi is the woman God used to save her from poverty,she was the reason why she auditioned for BBNaija.

Ifu Ennada also went further to say Stessi once fed her,clothe her and pushed her to great heights and is still supporting her.she concluded by saying she will forever be indebted to her for everything she’s done for her.

“please help me thank this lady God used to save me from from poverty @iammetalik.God will punish me if I’m ever ungrateful or disloyal to her. Stessi is one of those rare humans who come once in a lifetime.

Stessi has fed me,clothed me,pushed me to great heights and still supports me.she’s the reason I auditioned for BBNaija.shes one of my oldest friends- I’ve known her for years.

Stessi is the strongest people I know. Stessi is one of the one people run to when they need help. Stessi is the provider, Stessi is the motivator, Stessi moves mountains, Stessi is an Angel.An Angel I’m forever indebted to and will forever love and support.

It’s not her birthday,but I don’t need a special occasion to let her know how much of a Blessing she is to this world. I love you so much my darling Stessi,”she wrote.

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