A five years old boy stabbed to death by his father’s friend who came visiting

John pwadon has been arrested by the police for stabbing to death his friend’s five years old son in Adamawa.

The accused, Pwadon is said to have visited his friend Stephen Tarfa last friday after five years of not visiting , while the adult were preparing to properly welcome him with a meal,he grabbed the young child with him in the living room and stabbed severally on his neck.

The father of the boy says he’s been friends with the 35 years old accused for ten (10) years now but last saw each other five years ago and since then, they’ve not seen each other.

father of the deceased child narrated the story saying

“John came visiting last Friday and we welcomed him as an old friend,the next day,he was with my child watching television in the living room since my son was on mid-term break.”

“my wife was in the kitchen preparing breakfast while I was in my bedroom when we heard my daughter scream,we both rushed out to see what was wrong,we saw John stabbing my son severally on his neck. I tried to stop him but it was too late.”

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