Michael Avenatti faces two separate charges for extortion in California and New York

Micheal Avenatti,an Attorney who rise to fame by representing a porn actor,Stormy Daniels on a case with Donald Trump has been arrested for two separate federal charges in New York and California.

The US Southern District of New York attorney charges Avenatti for trying to extort money from Nike about $20 million. The prosecutors in charge of the case said Avenatti and another legal practitioner threatened to release a damaging information about the company if it did not meet his demands.

US attorney in Los Angeles also announed separately that Avenatti is facing a bank and wire fraud charges for alledgedly embezzlement of money that belonged to his client and also for defrauding the bank through fake tax returns.

Avenatti was arrested in New York and appeared in federal court Monday afternoon in Manhattan. He was released on a $300,000 personal recognizance bond and ordered to surrender his passport. He is also required to report any transactions of $5,000 or more to the court, and his travel is restricted. He’s scheduled to appear in court in California on April 1, with preliminary hearings in New York set for April 25.

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