A couple in California pays tribute to Kobe Bryant by creating a mural of him in their field

California couple uses a Turfprinter technology from their company,New Ground Technology to create a 115- foot tall and 92 foot wide mural of Byrant in a grass field at a park in Pleasanton as tribute to Kobe Bryant.

The couple,Kelli Pearson and her husband Pete Davis first created a black and white image of Byrant using several pictures.
The couple said there were Kobe fans and their decision to create the mural was only natural

“This tragedy came as a huge surprise. He was an amazing person, amazing family man and an amazing athlete,” Pearson said.

“Fortunately, we have this technology that allows us to do this huge tribute.”they addedThe mural according the couple, will last for about two days before the grass returns to its normal position,and the couple is hoping the tribute will create a lasting effect on their community.

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