Frank Edward speaks about his inability to approach ladies

Nigerian gospel artiste,Frank Edward speaks out about his inability to talk to a lady in a recent interview with Mobola Sodiq

He said he would love to marry this year but he cannot associate or talk to a woman because of the family he came out from

He said this during the interview

“In this ministry,if one wants to avoid scandals,one has to be stick,one doesn’t want to offend God

“With me, my purpose and ambition are more important than marriage.when one has a vision and a purpose, marriage help these things. I wish i was married before now but I know God would help me through it,I really want to get over with it this year,I need to leave this club; it’s no longer fun having to slip into kitchen in the middle of the night to get something to eat”

He further said” my ministry affect me sometimes and at times,it doesn’t.for example before one marries someone,one needs to know the person and speak to the person

“But alot of time,I don’t find myself in the cycle where i meet people, even if I find myself there There is always this gap. Alot it times,one also has to be careful because one doesn’t know the one that he would to talk to and would the person will say,”oh man of God”. There’s a way people sees us forgetting that a man of God will also want to get married.

He further revealed he grew up in a very religious and spiritual background and how he got to walk himself to loosen up and associate with people

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