Jennifer Lopez’s production company is been sued for $40m

Jennifer Lopez’s production company has been sues for $40m ($30m) by a woman who inspired the singer and Actor’s lead character in Hustlers, Samantha Barbash

Samantha Barbash accused Jennifer Lopez Nuyorican production for using her likeness and story without her permission and defamed her in the movie. She claimed she was approach repeatedly for her consent but did not give it

The movie was adapted from Jessica Pressler’s viral new York Magazine story ‘The Hustler at score, inspired by true event.she is asking for $40m ($30m) inpunitive and compensatory damages

In an Interview Barbash said:”They pretty much, basically stole my story. I wouldn’t sign my rights away. I wasn’t giving up my films an TV rights for peanuts. J-Lo betrayed me since she didn’t even reach out to the woman that she’s portraying… People are going to see the movie because J-Lo’s on a stripper pole. I don’t even know how to do a_ I’ve never been on a stripper pole like that in my life”

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