Ike Ex lover calls out on mercy fir sending people to troll her

Tanzania Artist,Kiki n Gigy called out Former BBN ex housemates, mercy and Ike Over constant side talk about her

She said this on their Instagram page,Gigy says Ike was just her babyseater right before he hit game while she was the boss.she also called Mercy out for sending people to talk shit about her

She said she gave Ike fame before Mercy came into the picture and asked Mercy to stay away from her

I don’t give a Fuck about that bitch n**get… When he is sleeping his nose is like this (gives a descriptive look) Yo he was a babyseater to me, I have been a boss,I have my own crazy mind,I don’t give a Fuck
K. You should know that I became famous because of my craziness so I want to tell you,what do they even call her,she is not even a Lamborghini, she’s a very because a bitch who has a mind and common sense would not send people to talk shit about someone else,”

“come yourself bitch, talk to me. You win because you are Crazy right? I don’t depend on Biggie Brother, I didn’t want to be on Biggie Brother, i have my own biggie P**y. When that N**ga came to Africa, I have been taking care of him if you don’t know,I gave him fame before that miss came Over. So stop mentioning my name on that Miss fucker page”.she wrote