Iranian crowd flood out to pay their final respect to Qassem Soleimani

Mourners packed in black-clad on Monday in Tehran’s streets as people turned out to pay their last respects to Qassem Soleimani ,the Iranian general killed by US drone strike in Baghdad last weekThe mourners carried with them the photographs of soleimani,a man of the people who was the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards elite Quds Force and led Iran’s overseas operationsMany of the mouners who came to pay tribute to the Iranian personality at the Iran capital were angry and bitter over the death of soleimani as they shouted”death to the US” and “down with the US”Soleimani was hailed a martyr and a hero in Iran because of the role in the fight against ISIS in Iran

Supreme leaders as well as the president Hassan Rouhani was present at the burial of soleimani.

The angry Iranian set the US and Isreali flag on fire during the burial procession of soleimani.The US has long viewed as soleimani as a terrorist, soleimani was alledged by Washington to be responsible for aiding and encouraging attack by Iran Shia allies against American troops,who were killed during the Irag warPresident Donald

Trump says the decision to kill soleimani was based on intelligence that he had been involved in planning an “Imminent attack” that put American lives at risk. Trump also said soleimani was killed “to stop a war”.

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