That caption should have said bro and icon – MI reacts to Akon calling Wizkid his “Lil bro”

Nigerian rapper MI reacts to Senegalese-American artist Akon calling Wizkid his “Lil brother”

The Nigerian rapper reacted on Twitter saying Akon wouldn’t have used the “lil bro” word on Wizkid instead should have used “my bro and Icon

“I have an opinion: few African artists in diaspora actually did anything to REALLY help the a fan of Wizkid (which Iam) I don’t see Wiz as lil bro to Akon. He has overcome larger obstacles to accomplish way more(in my eyes)..In my opinion is a lil bro to none” he wrote.

After he got a reaction from his tweet,he retweeted on the issue

“I have shared my opinion… You don’t agree. Cool!!! That caption should say with my bro and icon.. again my opinion.he wrote

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