Kazakhtan plane crash kills Atleast 13

A kazakhtan passenger jet crashed earlier today,killing more than 13 people but leaving dozens of survivors.

The Bek Air plane was flying from Almaty – Kazakhstan’s largest city – to the capital Nur-Sultan when it smashed into a building just after take-off.

The Fokker aircraft was said to have carried 100 passengers and crew on board. Survivors described walking from the wreckage into the dark and snow.

Dozens are being treated in hospital. The cause of the crash is unclear.A agency reporter close to the scene said there was heavy fog at the time.

The interior ministry initially said 15 people had been killed, but it later published a list of victims that mentioned only 13 dead.

What’s known about the crash?
The Fokker 100 plane was carrying 95 passengers – including eight children – as well as five crew, the interior ministry said.

The Flightradar24 information website said the flight departed at 01:21 GMT, and “the last signal was received in that same minute”.

The airport said the plane lost height at 07:22 local time (01:22 GMT), before striking a concrete barrier and crashing into a two-storey building. There was no fire upon impact.

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Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar said the plane’s tail had scraped the runway twice during take-off, leaving marks.

One survivor, businessman Aslan Nazaraliyev, told the reporter that the plane had begun vibrating violently. People screamed and the aircraft smashed into the ground.

He said part of the plane was crushed like “an aluminium can”. He and others managed to get out and helped fellow passengers to safety.

Mr Sklyar said that most of the passengers who died or suffered serious injuries were in the front part of the plane.

Eight people died at the scene, two while being treated at the airport and two in hospital, according to reports.

Some 54 people were injured in the accident, nine of them children, the health ministry said. Ten adults are said to be in a critical condition.

Most of those on board were Kazakh citizens although Chinese, Kyrgyz and Ukrainian nationals were reportedly among the injured.

Its fleet is made up of seven Fokker 100 aircraft. The aircraft in this crash received its most recent flight certificate in May.

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