19 years old teen strangles unwed eight month pregnant sister to death death for “embarrassing the family”

A 19 years old boy,Eduardo Arevalo from Texas has been charged for alledged murder of his 23 years old sister Viridiana ArevaloHis pregnant sister was reported missing by her boyfriend last week in Texas and after that a sucide note was discovered by her family which says she wanted ending her lifeEduardo became a suspect after he was seen on the surveillance video in the alley.Eduardo later was arrested after his sister’s body was found in an alley. The police said the young boy confessed to his crime,he said he strangled his sister to death on December 16 and writing the note so it will look like she took her own lifeEduardo told the police dectatives he killed his sister ‘because she was an embarrassment to the family and it was better off she wasn’t there’Sergent Aaron woodard of Texas police Department says on report on monday, Eduardo confessed that after strangling his sister Viridiana,he put her body on the trunk of his car and drove half way where he dumped the body, as days passed by,he wanted to let his family know where Viridiana body was so he went back and brought her body on the early hours of Sunday morning then dropped the the body in an alleywayThe 19 years old boy was charged of murder after his alledged confession of ending the life of his unwed pregnant sister because she was an embarrassment to the family and made her disappearance look like sucide .

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