Pastor detained for defiling a 16 years old sick girl and her 10 years old sister

In Imo State,a Pentecostal pastor, Kenneth Onyeali has been arrested and detained by the police alledgedly for child abused while supposedly conducting deliverance for the sick girl

The pastor is said to have abused a 10 years old girl and her 16 years old sister who was in a sick bed and brought to church for pastor to conduct a deliverance section for

The sick 16 years girl, Loveth Emeoha,hails from Umudagwa village in Ikwere Local government in Rivers State

The young girl, Loveth was said to have developed an health issue on her leg which eventually crippled her and made her dropped out of school

Loveth was taken to the Christ New Covenant church which pastor Kenneth was the general overseer by her mother Mrs Ijeoma Emeoha who saw the problem to spiritual, According to the victims mother,the pastor asked her to leave her sick child in the church for few days so he could perform a deliverance section which will deliver her from her ailment

After some days,the pastor also asked Loveth mum to bring Loveth sister who is 10 yrs old to look after her sick sister.

The victim mother while trying to narrate the incident said;

““The pastor I entrusted my sick daughter into his care was repeatedly defiling my sick child for days and when he got tired of her, he demanded that the younger one be brought to him and he continued from where he stopped.When my daughter complained after some days of constant sexual intercourse, Pastor Kenneth told her that that was the only way she could be healed of her sickness”.

When Mrs Ijeoma Emeoha was asked how she discovered that her daughters were been defiled,she said”When my 10 year-old daughter returned from the church, I decided to bath her myself.But, I saw her bleeding from her private part and she couldn’t allow me to touch her there. When I queried her, she told me it was Pastor Kenneth that used his fingers inside her vagina. She said the pastor told her that if she wanted her elder sister to get better, she must allow him to remove some evil spirit in her vagina”.

“When I confronted the pastor, he immediately refunded N30,000 I was charged for the prayers, begging that I forgive him. But I reported to my husband’s brothers who reported the matter to the police”.

Mrs Emoeha said after her 10 years old daughter had told her about the abuse,she rushed back to the church to carry her other daughter and there she found out the pastor was also sexually assaulting the girl

Mrs Emoeha also said the wife of Pastor Kenneth offered her family #200.000 not to speak out to hearing of others but they rejected the Money

.she also pleaded with the authorities to help get Justice for her children who were been violated by a man she trusted to be a man of God

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