Newly crowned winner says contest is about more than beauty

Toni- Ann singh,a model who represented Jamaica in the Miss world contest and who won the crown , says the competition is about more than just beauty.

The Miss world 2019, said the “biggest part of the competition” is the charity work done by winners of the beauty pageant.

Winners of the global competition have helped deprived communities around the world through a charity called Beauty With A Purpose, which was set up in 1971.

More than $1bn (£750m) has been raised by the charity for causes such as treating leprosy in Brazil and providing sanitary towels in deprived Indian and African communities.

After winning the competition, Miss Singh said: “I feel like I’m dreaming.”

Asked what was going through her head when she realised she had won, she said: “Yes, I was shocked. I had to take a moment to say ‘they said Jamaica, they said Jamaica’.

“So that means you and that means get out there. But it was just so surreal. I had to really pull from within to get it back together because how crazy is that?”

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