Niger mourns over 71 soldiers massacred by insurgent group

Three days has been declared mourning by the Niger’s government following the attack that claimed the live of 71 soldiers.This has been described as one of deadliest attack in the year

The Islamic State group, which has been active in the troubling Sahel region, claimed responsibility for an attack on a military camp.

The extremist group carried out the assault near the town of Inates not far from the border with Mali, it said in a statement late Thursday. Niger’s military has said that 12 others were wounded in the attack earlier this week.

The Islamic State group claimed its fighters held the camp for several hours and seized a large cache of weapons and ammunition. Its jihadists took 16 vehicles and set the camp on fire before leaving, it said.

Niger’s government has declared three days of mourning following the attack, which was the deadliest of its kind in years.