Finland appoints a 34 years old as the first youngest prime minister in the world

A 34-year-old woman,Wanna Marin is about to become Finland’s prime minister on Tuesday .she is set to become the youngest world leader.

Sanna Marin, who is currently holding the position of the country’s transport and communications minister, was nominated for the position of a prime minister on Sunday.

She will become Finland’s third-ever female prime minister and first youngest minister after her swearing in

Ms Marin, from the dominant Social Democrats, will head a centre-left coalition of five parties – all of which are led by women.

Her appointment follows the resignation of Antti Rinne, who stepped down after a key coalition partner withdrew their support.

Politicians are set to approve the appointment of Ms Marin and her government this week so she can represent Finland at the EU leaders’ summit in Brussels, which begins on Thursday.

Other new appointees in her administration include Katri Kulmuni, a 32-year-old who will become finance minister.

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