Nigerians seek justice for woman who was refused treatment in the hospital after been stabbed by robbers

Nigerians are seeking justice for a woman who they say died after a hospital refused to treat her stab wound. The hospital denies the accusation.

Moradeun Balogun was reportedly stabbed in the neck by a thief on her way home.She was rushed to hospital where she reportedly bled out and died.

According to Ms Balogun’s sister Molade, the hospital failed to treat her and asked for a police report.

More than 114 people are talking about this.The hospital where Ms Balogun was taken to has stated that it did not refuse to attend to the deceased.

Chief medical director at Jolad Hospital, Funso Oladipo, told a newspaper agency that doctors received Ms Balogun but realised that she needed specialised treatment.

“We didn’t move her into the hospital. We immediately moved her to Gbagada after we realised that we cannot offer the required treatment and those who brought her had abandoned her with us,” he said.

Nigerians online are however are insisting that Ms Balogun was denied treatment and have started a trend to seek justice.

Using the hashtag #JusticeForMoradeun, friends and family of the late Moradeun Balogun have accused the hospital of negligence.