Nadia Buhari celebrates birthday with beautiful photos

Actress Nadia Buhari celebrates birthday day today with beautiful photos with a write up.she wrote:life’s mill with it’s thrills and grills has its way of taking us through twist and turns. Yet this journey won’t be fulfilling without the u conditional love that friends, family and of course,butercakes,exlude.

‘Today represent a special milestone in my life’s journey.

‘Tbough the past years hasn’t been my most favorite of years,it is also the years that has inspired the most appreciation in me.

‘Appreciation for life from God and love from I give is possible because of love I get from my loved ones and family.

‘In thanking God for adding another year to this amazing life journey,I wish to dedicate this special day towards thanking you for endearing and enduring my journey and showering into me the light that continues to light my path.

‘I humbly embrace and appreciate the light that your love has light in my heart, that causes me to shine and smile even in the face of life adversities.

‘It makes me know that life won’t be possible without love from you,the best family in the world…whom it will forever hurt to miss.

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