We Are The Owner Of South Africa, Therefore Burna Boy Wouldn’t Apologize – Teni tells South African

Teni has given an absolutely hilarious response to an Twitter user who says Burna Boy must not come to South Africa without apologizing for a popular Twitter post he published some months back.

The response was sparked as a result of a conversation between Teni and another Instagram user who wanted to know when Teni would be coming to South Africa for a performance. Teni responded hilariously as she said she is waiting for Burna Boy to go over there first and return before she follows suit. On seeing the response, a random South African then made it a point of duty to clear Teni on her hopes for Burna’s South African performance.

He told Teni Burna wouldn’t be allowed into South Africa except he apologizes. Then Teni probably sparked and decided to clear the SA guy on some things he does not know. She replied Burna would go to South Africa without apologizing to anyone as the country belongs to all African.