Ghanaian Sex worker Queen Farcadi reveals that her top client are in Abuja, Lagos

Queen Farcadi who set the trend of getting customers on Snapchat also revealed she has slept with men from different parts of the world and went ahead to mention Abuja, Lagos, Delta State and other places where her clients are from.

I have big clients in Abuja, Lagos – Top Ghanaian sex worker Queen Farcadi.

Queen Farcadi was the most popular Snapchat prostitute and was the one who started running a Snapchat Premium adult videos account where people pay to watch her sleep with men.

In a new video trending on social media, Queen Farcadi said her business went down after she got pregnant but added that she’s now selling a local bleaching soap.

She revealed some time ago that she charges her clients a minimum of GHC1000 (approximately $250) per hour to sleep with her and there’s no discount irrespective of how good you make her feel in bed.