Maid secretly films herself begging to be freed from boss after sex abuse

A housekeeper working for a family in Saudi Arabia has released a shocking video in which she talks about the abuse she has suffered at the hands of her employers.

The woman secretly filmed herself as she tearfully speaks about being sexually abused, doused in hot oil and tied up.

She makes a desperate plea to be allowed to go home to Bangladesh after allegedly being locked up for more than two weeks.

The maid, 25, said: ‘I perhaps won’t live longer. Please save me. They locked me up for 15 days and barely gave me any food. They burned my hands with hot oil and tied me up.

‘They took me from one home to another one. In the first home, they tortured me and hit me repeatedly and then took me to another one where I experienced the same.

The housekeeper secretly begged to be returned home after being abused by her bosses in Saudi Arabia
‘I don’t think I’m going to live. I think I’m going to die. They have beaten and tortured me. Please save me, just take me away from here.’

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