A woman jailed for the murder her husband

A millionaire farmer’s wife and her lover have been jailed for life for murdering the wealthy landowner after exchanging warped messages about making love in the victim’s blood.Footage of police interviews released today show’s the farmer’s wife refusing to tell police where they dumped her husband’s body, denying his family the chance to bury him soonerThe two killers were today given life sentences and each ordered to spend 22 years behind bars before they can apply for parole. They will both be in their late seventies by that time.Paul Cannon was confronted with the evidence of his messages but replied: ‘No comment’
Jailing them today, Judge Michael Kay QC said: ‘Only Paul Cannon and Angela Taylor and perhaps an unknown accomplice know what happened that night.The evidence suggests that having been lured out of his house, William Taylor was attacked in the farmyard and killed there by means of strangulation or suffocation.In February, a fisherman found his decomposed body on a riverbank outside Gosmore, HitchinMr Taylor vanished from his £1.2million house, Harkness Hall, in Gosmore, Hertfordshire, in June 2018. His badly decomposed body was found propped upright in the River Hiz in Hitchin in February this year. There were no obvious signs he had been attacked – no knife or gunshot wounds – and no water in his lungs, indicating he was dead before he ended up in the river.But investigators found a fracture to a bone in Mr Taylor’s neck, raising the possibility of strangulation. The jury was told it was likely he had been smothered or suffocated.Killer lovers fantasised about murder in sick messages
Angela Taylor and Paul Cannon exchanged hundreds of twisted messages in which they discussed sick ways to murder her estranged husband.The pair also discussed having sex in millionaire Bill Taylor’s blood, a jury was told.In a text to his lover about her husband, Cannon allegedly wrote: ‘He needs to be put down…Will get what he deserves and I will get his beautiful wife.’ The couple repeatedly exchanged messages about killing Mr TaylorIn another message, two days before Mr Taylor, 69, went missing, Cannon is said to have written: ‘I want to make love to you on his kitchen table… soaked in blood, with him tied to a chair so he had to watch. Then send him to hell.’

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